Wearing | american apparel suit | Allsaints cropped jeans (similar here ) | Allsaints Leather Jacket (similar here) | Sam Edelman boots (similar here)

Well hello there,

WHAT?! I’m wearing leather in 95 degree weather? What on earth is wrong with me?

Well, leather is actually super breathable. Don’t get me wrong! I still get really hot, but I don’t really get sweaty and it takes a little while longer before the actual heat catches up to me.

I paired this look with a basic simple belt (This is my only belt so I had to rock with it), I feel as if it bad a difference opposed to without it. If I had this belt, it probably would’ve been 10xs better.

OH! and I’m currently working on a youtube channel.

Dets will be posted sooner or later.

xoxo, Jada

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Today’s look was a fusion of business, street, and classic. The business was because of the clean trousers (I cuffed and squished up, therefore I’m not walking around with awkwardly long trousers and sneakers), which I feel as if made the outfit completely different than it would’ve had if I were to wear jeans. I don’t know why, but I kind of feel like a little bit of a street-style boy rocking a pair of old-school Reebok he found in his father’s closet. It’s actually funny because I stole the Reebok idea from my dad, as well as literally stealing the cropped top from my sisters closet. She lives thousands of miles away, she’ll never know. SSHHH! Oh boy, I could never forget about the secondhand All-Saints leather jacket that appears to be on my back. I will never get rid of this thing. It’ll make any outfit look 10x better with a grunge/street feel to it. —> me <—- I kind of want to invest in a newer jacket that wonderful has to offer but, my bank account is all like ‘NO. Think about the future Jada’, and I’m like ‘Yes! I need this jacket and I need it now.’



Well guys. It’s nice to talk to you all again! This is the day I attempted to go and see the Balmain x H&M opening, but sadly I woke up a just a little too late.

IMG_2595 IMG_2593

I’m a wearing a comfy sweater from who knows where, distressed jeans from Asos, and heeled booties from Charlotte Russe (I’m pretty sure). Not much going on with it. This particular outfit consists of pretty inexpensive items, so you can get the exact same things without spending much money.