HAPPY NEW YEARS GUYSSSSS! IT’S BEEEN A CRAZY YEAR! There’s been a few things I really want to achieve this year. Yes, career wise, but mostly self reflecting.

New Years Resolutions 2K17

  1. Learn who I’m supposed to be whilst becoming more confident with who I already am.
  2. Earn 10K+ followers on Instagram.
  3. Earn 10K+ viewers on my blog.
  4. Save up and visit California.
  5. Get an apartment with my sister.
  6. All round become a better person.



Its me. Jada.

I hope you all didn’t forget who I am, because if you did that would really suck. I know, I know. I never post, even when I’m just sitting around watching Netflix or Youtube. I’m starting to realize that there is absolutely no way I could find the love and make more than mediocre posts when I’m not even posting. But hey, no one is perfect. Not even Angelina Jolie (even though I swear on everything that she is). So let me explain some of the reason why I’m back:

  • Graduation: As the school year is slowly coming to an end, the mere thought of my future is heavily weighing me down. I can’t seem to get a grasp on how I’m gonna start my future, and what I want from my blog. ¬†As my friends are doing well with their social media platforms, gaining 22 to 40K followers/subscribers, I thought to myself; Why can’t I succeed as well? Why am I always the underdog? Why can’t I FINALLY win at something? But then I realized that they had something that I had yet to find. Motivation. I’m the girl who lays and plans but never gets to action until she feels as if she’s lagging behind. And that could be possibly be THE WORST trait to have in the real world. Yes, if i’m gonna sit on my bum everyday and do nothing but watch Netflix, then I will lag behind, and it’s gonna be too late to try to catch up because everyone else is already ahead. I once watched a comedy show and surprisingly *lol. joke* the only educational thing I got out of it was “Everyone wants to be rich and famous but no one wants to put the work in”. I mean, I don’t know about famous, but I do want to be healthy, successful, and set for life, and I can assure you that won’t happen without hardwork.


  • Passion: Passion lol. If someone asked you to explain what passion meant to you, what would you say? A couple days ago, my dad and I were having a conversation about re-joining ballet, not rigorously, but as exercise and to just get out of the house. He was describing the hardships of doing ballet at a career level, and the sacrifices these dancers/artists have to make in order to make their dream come true. The blisters, bruisers, broken toes, etc. Then he asked me what I thought passion meant, and naturally I retorted with “UGH. Really? IDK. Why are you such a deep thinker?” He wasn’t asking me for his amusement, he asked me to get me to think about the sacrifices I would make in order to accomplish my dreams. That could mean no more social life, no more netflix, no more chilling, no more netflix, etc. What does it mean to be passionate about something? So passionate to the point where you’re about to give up your comfortable way of living or doing things?

Not trying to make this blog post too long.

  • New Location(s): Ever thought “Once I move here I’d start taking it seriously” well I’m still trying to figure out if that’s true or not. But my “photographer” moved to NYC, so good thing is that I also will be in 5 MONTHS!!!!! maybe less. I’m excited. SO ORLANDO, (as I’ve heard multiple times) FYIMTNY :P (f you, i’m moving to New York.)




Jada xx