HAPPY NEW YEARS GUYSSSSS! IT’S BEEEN A CRAZY YEAR! There’s been a few things I really want to achieve this year. Yes, career wise, but mostly self reflecting.

New Years Resolutions 2K17

  1. Learn who I’m supposed to be whilst becoming more confident with who I already am.
  2. Earn 10K+ followers on Instagram.
  3. Earn 10K+ viewers on my blog.
  4. Save up and visit California.
  5. Get an apartment with my sister.
  6. All round become a better person.

My roomie and I went to a cool little venue (Xfiles) to go to a Migos concert (A hiphop/rap trio) and she let me style her!

Not only do I want to keep my blog about my life, my inspirations, street style, and my personal style but I want to make it a portfolio as well. My styling skills.

Curstin Foster:

IG: blvck.kazumi


Guys! It’s officially fall ! Right?
Well like most average teenagers, my style has changed yet again, and I’ve drifted back to 90’s grunge. This time better than my 14/15 year old ways. More educated & over all so much stylish.

Sweet day-dreaming,