HEYYY GIRL (or guy)


Well hello there! I’m back! I haven’t been posting because I’m a very neglectful blog owner, plus I’ve been non-stop working. I bet you guys understand the struggle.





OKAY, so let’s think:

I’ve decided that, I’m done stressing out about what to post next. I’m done asking, “What would *insert bloggers name* do?” I’m not looking for approval from society about what I should post. It’s my blog, I could be as informal as I please. I want my blog to represent who I am, not who every one else believes I should be. In real life, I am an obnoxious, annoying, loud (quiet when I feel the need to be), loving, socially unaccepted, discretely rebellious ¬†sixteen year old.

Going to be honest, it took me a while to remember how to spell “obnoxious”. Everyone has those days, it’s whatever.

As, I am typing this post, blasting and shuffling through both Indie and EDM music on a speaker at (exactly) 11:00 at night. I have to come to a conclusion that, there’s no need for me to be one of those “proper” blogs! The only that matters is that I stay true to myself at all times.


BTW. I’m wearing:

Shirt – Zara

Jeans – Pacsun (that ripped under my butt when I pulled them up)

Shoes – Jcrew for Birkenstocks

Bag – Zara

Necklace – Zara? Or Forever 21. I honestly don’t remember.

Glasses – Aldo ( I left my shades at home, and since I live in Florida the sun is almost ALWAYS shining. So yeah!)


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