New Camera. New Attitude.

I’ve been recently working and I saved up ALMOST enough money to buy my very first big purchase, which is a Canon Rebel T5. I am extremely proud of myself. I’ve had a history of having a one-track mind, but I seeked out for something, I saved my money that I worked so hard for, and I bought my camera!

I dearly apologize for not posting for about a month or two. School has been keeping me stacked. Now, I’m on summer break and I can focus most of my time on you guys.

My first day of summer consisted of Tijuana flats, Car renting for my sister, taking pictures, and learning how to do proper eyebrows. This outfit was thrown together in the time frame of 10 minutes, if even. I ended up liking how it turned out.


Excuse my scoliosis.

I’m wearing a white H&M crop top, handmade shorts, H&M sun hat, and Black Patent Doc Martens.

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