My Weekend – Easter

My parent’s decided to take time away from our everyday lives and spend our Easter weekend on the beach.  The drive from Orlando to Clearwater wasn’t as bad as I intended to be.  To pass the time, ODESZA, The Weeknd, and PARTYNEXTDOOR were my three bestfriends. Not to forget flooding my snapchat story with obnoxious pictures and videos of my sister and I in the car.


On our way to the ever so hot city of Florida, we stopped at International Plaza to buy a pair of Jordan 5 sneakers that only had come out that day for my sister and father. In the sneaker store, Champs, I was eyeing a pair of Nike Huaraches, only to find out my feet are oddly shaped for them. Either they’d be way to big or way to small.



Finally getting to the beach, after 2 hours in the mall and 2 hours on the road , we settle into a hotel with an incredible view.





Before we left for the beach, my stepmom gave me a crystal quartz necklace. I’ve been wanting one for the longest time, and it means so much more to me since it was handed down. Since crystals represent, peace, tranquility, health & energy, it’s like she was passing down her spirituality on to me. Once I got down to the shore, I put the crystal into the salt water to cleanse it, therefore I can enrich it with my energy. Positive energy.

Sunglasses- Not sure

Tattoo Choker – Etsy

Bikini Top #1 – Pacsun?

Bikini Top #2 – Target

Watch – Gold Fossil

Bracelets- Men’s Aldo, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Vince Camuto

Shorts – H&M

Dress – Brandy Melville

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