Viva Jamaica

JadaImani French Braid

My older sister, Deja, took the time to do a beautiful French Braid in the middle of my head. Although they don’t last very long since I almost always roll around on my head. That doesn’t really matter since she traveled with me, and I have her to my disposal.




My time here in Jamaica has been nothing but incredible. I am staying in my stepmother’s fathers home located in Oracabessa and I am in love with it. It’s awesome to venture out to the different towns and cities of this spaced out country and get a taste of the real Jamaica. I am most excited about the local crafts market since I have an infatuation with handmade and vintage items.

Nothing can get better than walking around towns with locals. Being able to see what they see on a daily basis, experiencing their everyday lives and seeing what life is about in a different country is highly fascinating. When my father told me that we weren’t staying at a resort, I was shocked and kind of irritated, but, when I realized that I get to wake up to authentic Jamaican food and lifestyle every morning and go to sleep with a stomach full of experience for the rest of my vacation, I changed my opinion. Me being in a hotel only isolates me from what Jamaica is all about. Yes, it’s nice and luxurious, but what’s the point of coming when you really aren’t experiencing a different lifestyle.

I can’t wait to share more experiences and pictures. More to Come.

Jadaimani, X.


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