Wearing: Express Trousers ; LongChamp Backpack

This outfit is uber comfortable yet has a touch of chic and streetish appeal to it.

New Style

What’s up guys! It’s been a while! This summer has been absolutely insane and I’m really happy I have the time to finally jump back on my blog.

These items are basically the things that are on my wishlist/have in my closet. I literally on have one of the items in my closet… shoutout to being a broke college student.


This post is really quick, I promise this i’ll start posting a lot more often. I just booked an internship at NYLON magazine! WOOT WOOT. So with that, I’m going to push my blog more and maybe it’ll help me with my dreams!

I’ll talk to you all later!

xx, jada


HAPPY NEW YEARS GUYSSSSS! IT’S BEEEN A CRAZY YEAR! There’s been a few things I really want to achieve this year. Yes, career wise, but mostly self reflecting.

New Years Resolutions 2K17

  1. Learn who I’m supposed to be whilst becoming more confident with who I already am.
  2. Earn 10K+ followers on Instagram.
  3. Earn 10K+ viewers on my blog.
  4. Save up and visit California.
  5. Get an apartment with my sister.
  6. All round become a better person.

My roomie and I went to a cool little venue (Xfiles) to go to a Migos concert (A hiphop/rap trio) and she let me style her!

Not only do I want to keep my blog about my life, my inspirations, street style, and my personal style but I want to make it a portfolio as well. My styling skills.

Curstin Foster:

IG: blvck.kazumi